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Yigit Aydin

Composer Introduction - ─░ngilizce

Yigit Aydin

Yigit Aydin was born in 1971 in Turkey. He graduated from Ankara State Conservatory at Hacettepe University with degrees BA in musical composition and MA in orchestral conducting. Parallel to his musical education he completed his studies at Middle East Technical University in Ankara with degrees BS in mechanical engineering and thereafter MS in sociology, focusing on contemporary social thought, deconstruction, orientalism, colonialism and nationalism.

For the time being he prepares his PhD thesis on the theme "New Turkish Music" at Musicological Institute in Marburg/Germany and lives in Frankfurt am Main. Through three composition prizes, he received a broader recognition in Turkey. Subsequently his compositions take part in international music festivals in Istanbul and Ankara, performed by leading Turkish orchestras and conductors, and some appeared in CD-recordings.

In his compositions he mainly deals with the cultural difference among the western and eastern (musical) domains, endeavoring to problematize the commonly accepted oppositional perspective regarding them and, therefore, the clich├ęs corresponding to this mode of perception.

A part of this effort is to consider the extra-European element not merely as coloristic constituent, i.e. a spicy ingredient, in a thoroughly western compositorial attitude, but on the contrary a resource from which principles of composition may flourish.

Besides his compositional activities he gives conference talks and publishes articles in Turkish, English and German on New Turkish Music and Classical Turkish Art Music, and specifically about the central-European influence on these two musical spheres.

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Reference info: "Yigit Aydin", 2009 , Klasik Notlari website, https://www.klasiknotlari.com/en/56/Yigit Aydin.html

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