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Atilla Aldemir

Soloist Introduction - İngilizce

Atilla Aldemir

Born in 1975, Atilla Aldemir graduated from the violin class of Prof. Çiğdem İyicil at Mimar Sinan University College of Music, in his native city of Istanbul, Turkey, in 1994. With a scholarship from the Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Foundation, he went to Germany to study with Prof. Lukas David at the Detmold Hochschule für Musik, from which he graduated with the "Künstlerische Reifeprüfung" diploma in 1999. He then studied for the "Konzertexamen" (equivalent to honours soloist diploma) at Folkwang Hochschule Essen with Prof. Mintcho Mintchev and graduated with "honour degree" in 2002.

In 2007, Aldemir was awarded the second prize in the violin category at the 14th International Johannes Brahms Competition and two special prizes. Winning the third prize for his viola performance in the same competition in 2008, as well as the award for best interpretation of a contemporary work, he became the first participant in the history of this competition to win five prizes.

The artist's other accomplishments include "The passion for music, strong artistic temperament" award in the 2006 Premio R. Lipizer Competition, finalist of the 8th International Violin Competition Vaclav Hulm in Zagreb 2005, Essen Folkwangpreis 2002, Westphalia Culture Award 1998, and first prize in the Young Talents Violin Competition of Istanbul 2000.

Aldemir has already given concerts in many European countries, the USA, Israel and Egypt, performed in concert halls such as Berlin Philharmonic Hall, Konzerthaus Vienna, and Musikverein Vienna, played with orchestras such as Zagreb Philharmonic, Berlin Symphonic and all State Symphonic Orchestras in Turkey. He worked with conductors such as Sascha Göztl, Gürer Aykal and Alexander Rahbari.

In 2003, with the pianist Şevki Karayel, he recorded a CD entitled "The Contemporary Voice of Turkish Music" for Dreyer Gaido Productions in Berlin. Fono Forum music magazine praised the recording, saying "It must be considered a great stroke of luck that Aldemir and Karayel fully committed themselves to this highly unconventional programme". The artist has performed with highly acclaimed musicians, among them the pianist Fazıl Say, Itamar Golan, the cellist Marcio Carneiro, and Kudsi Erguner, master of the ney flute.

Since 2002, Aldemir has continued his studies with Barbara Gorzynska and Prof. Matthias Maurer in Vienna. In his concerts, he plays a J.B. Vuillaume violin from the year 1840, which was kindly financed for him by the Circle of Internationally Operating Turkish Businessmen and a Sergio Peresson viola.

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